Certainty Select® Annuity

A single premium deferred annuity featuring multi-year rate guarantees. Current guarantee periods are 3, 5, 6, 8 and 10 years. Renewal for the original guarantee period is automatic if no action is taken during the 30 days prior to the guarantee period expiration date.

Applicant Ages
  • 0-90 (all Owners/Annuitants).
Minimum Premium
  • $10,000

Interest Crediting
  • Interest rates are guaranteed for the selected guarantee period. The interest rate may change upon renewal of the contract for another guarantee period, subject to minimum guaranteed interest rate.
Surrender Charge
    • Applies to partial withdrawals in excess of the penalty-free withdrawal amount. In the event of a full surrender, applies to accumulation value and any penalty-free withdrawals in the same contract year. Surrender charges may vary by state.
    • 3 Years 10% 10% 9%
    • 5 Years 10% 10% 9% 9% 8%
    • 6 Years 10% 10% 9% 9% 8% 8%
    • 8 Years 10% 10% 9% 9% 8% 8% 7% 7%
    • 10 Years 10% 10% 9% 9% 8% 8% 7% 7% 6% 5%
Penalty-Free Withdrawals
  • Cumulative interest earned may be withdrawn at any time without surrender charge or MVA.
Death Benefit
  • Upon death of first owner, accumulation value.
Nursing Home Waiver
  • After the first contract year, surrenders are not subject to surrender charges or MVA in the event of nursing home confinement of owner for 90 days. There is no charge for this rider.
Terminal Illness Rider
  • If the owner of the contract is diagnosed with a terminal illness, surrender charges and MVA are waived for a withdrawal of up to 75% of the accumulation value. There is no charge for this rider.

Surrender charges may vary by state. Surrender of the contact may be subject to surrender charges or market value adjustment. Surrender charges are a percentage of the Accumulation Value and decline annually. Market Value Adjustment may not apply in all states. The guarantees expressed in this brochure are based on the claims paying ability of EquiTrust Life Insurance Company. EquiTrust cannot give legal, tax or accounting advice. Your personal tax advisor can provide important information with respect to the purchase of this annuity contract and its taxation.

This information briefly highlights EquiTrust’s Certainty Select single premium deferred annuity contract and its benefits. Contract issued on contract form series ET-MYG-2000(06-09) or ICC13-ET-MYG-2000(07-13). Product features, issue ages, riders and availability may vary by state. For costs and complete details of coverage, including any exclusions, reductions or limitations, and the terms under which the contract may be continued in force, contact your EquiTrust agent.