EquiTrust Values

In June of 2015, Magic Johnson Enterprises (MJE) became controlling shareholder of EquiTrust. The purchase of EquiTrust aligns with Magic Johnson Enterprises’ focus on diversity in the workplace, as well as rich diversity of thought, focus on the policyholders we serve and the communities in which we work and live – as seen in our Corporate Social Responsibility programs. MJE broadens EquiTrust’s reach and potential partnerships, but stays true to the Core Values which drive EquiTrust’s Mission.


Driven by Values


We operate in a manner consistent with the highest professional and ethical standards


We lead courageously and inspire people by living our purpose and values


We focus on outcomes, report results honestly and provide constructive feedback


We work together to achieve common goals


We are engaged, operate with a deep sense of ownership and demonstrate a high-level of personal commitment