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Fixed Annuities Portfolio
We offer four types of fixed annuities: Index, Multi-Year, Traditional Fixed-Rate and Immediate Annuities

Index Annuities
Your interest is based on a portion of a stock index's growth.
        MarketTwelve Bonus Index
        MarketPower Bonus Index
        MarketBooster Index
        MarketTen Bonus Index
        MarketValue Index
        Builder Bonus Index
        DynaMARC Index

Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity
Lock-in a competitive rate for a duration of 3, 5, 6, 8 or 10 years.
        Certainty Select

Traditional Fixed-Rate Annuity
A choice of durations with annual reset interest.

Immediate Annuity
Payout options that can begin now or later, for a set period, or for life.
        Confidence Income

To learn more about fixed annuity products from EquiTrust, please call 888.400.5759.

This material is not intended to provide investment advice to you or to your specific situation. EquiTrust does not offer investment advice to any individual and this material should not be construed as investment advice.

Products not available in all states. Product features may vary by state. Contracts issued on Contract Form Series ET-MPP-2000(02-05), ET-MKB-2000(01-07), ET-MTB-2000(06-07), ET-EIA-2000(06-04), ICC11-ET-STS-2000(11-11), ET-MTA-2000(06-07), ET-MYG-2000(06-09), ET-SPA-2000(11-04), ET-SPIA(08-06).

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